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Online Ordering for Pc, Mac & Phones



Increase revenue getting online ordering for Restaurants and Pizzeria. Customers can see your menu and schedule orders any time and your restaurant receives order in "real time" by your printer and your "Kitchen Display". No technical skills needed. Make updates and changes to your menu/website easily.


Your customers can also make orders through their IPHONE or ANDROID phones. Our System will recognize the mobile user and redirect to the mobile version.







Phone Orders by our App



What about Phone Orders? NO PROBLEM!


Use our APP for phone orders never was so easy. Add the app into your Ipad and them search exisiting clients or Register new one to accept Pick Up or delivery orders.








Facebook Integration


                        Take orders right from your Facebook page. Realizing the influence Facebook users have on their networks, a growing number of quick-service restaurants are taking their fan pages to new heights by incorporating online ordering directly through the Facebook interface.






Kitchen Display



 Get "Real Time" notification of your online orders right in your kitchen with our Kitchen Display Software. Works on any tablet (like iPad) or computer display, MAC or Windows.

  1. Real Time Notification
  2. Pending Order Notification
  3. Order Time Counter
  4. Order Status from Ordering to Ready by Items or by the Entire Order
  5. Touch Screen funcionality
  6. Print Orders
  7. Image display


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